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Sorry, but I have to protest, as one of the last living (and practicing)
Natural Phonologists. Although David and Paul are pretty much of the
same generation, I can assure you all that they never published a paper
together--their views of the nature of language (and nature) are so
diametrically opposed that the only image I can conjure up would be
matter and anti-matter. And I think I can safely speak for David (with
whom I was speaking on the phone just yesterday) on this.

On the other hand, I do know that Alpher, Bethe and Gamow deliberately
published a paper together in the late forties. It was based on Alpher's
dissertation, under Gamow's supervision, but they added Bethe just for
the joke, even though Bethe wasn't actually seriously involved in the
development of the theory (of an aspect of the Big Bang) that was
contained therein, and even though it was unusual for the advisor's name
to be included in a physics paper at the time (according to Wikipedia,
at any rate):

Alpher, R. A., H. Bethe and G. Gamow. “The Origin of Chemical Elements,”
Physical Review, 73 (1948), 803.


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