Postal-Stampe (vs. Paper-Penzl etc.)

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David Stampe is an old friend of mine, but I
didn't ant to speak fro him since I couldn't
swear that he hadn't snuck out some dark night a
published a paper with Postal. But I would have
been astonished.


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>Sorry, but I have to protest, as one of the last living (and practicing)
>Natural Phonologists. Although David and Paul are pretty much of the
>same generation, I can assure you all that they never published a paper
>together--their views of the nature of language (and nature) are so
>diametrically opposed that the only image I can conjure up would be
>matter and anti-matter. And I think I can safely speak for David (with
>whom I was speaking on the phone just yesterday) on this.
>On the other hand, I do know that Alpher, Bethe and Gamow deliberately
>published a paper together in the late forties. It was based on Alpher's
>dissertation, under Gamow's supervision, but they added Bethe just for
>the joke, even though Bethe wasn't actually seriously involved in the
>development of the theory (of an aspect of the Big Bang) that was
>contained therein, and even though it was unusual for the advisor's name
>to be included in a physics paper at the time (according to Wikipedia,
>at any rate):
>Alpher, R. A., H. Bethe and G. Gamow. ├ČThe Origin of Chemical Elements,├«
>Physical Review, 73 (1948), 803.
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