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To me "awe-dropping" is a recent phenomenon and the worst thing to happen to English pronunciation in my lifetime.  I find no good in it.  Anyone in a teaching position should flag the problems it creates.  It's like a speech impediment.  People are dropping a phoneme right out of our language.

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> On Jul 2, 2008, at 6:59 AM, Rebecca Shapiro wrote:
>> One reason I have been happy to move back to the East Coast (New
>> Jersey--and
>> absolutely no irony intended) is that I have fewer instances of
>> misunderstanding or being misunderstood...
> we went through this topic at some length back in december 2007, in a
> thread that started with occurrences of "sot after" for "sought
> after" (in print as well as speech) and moved through various
> entertaining examples, including "George Bernard Shah" in print.
> you can find the thread in the archives by searching on the subject "a
> home for drinkers".
> arnold
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