Heard on The Judges: "exuded" = "told"

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what else do you call the contributions of commentators?

commenters comment.

commentators must do something else.

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> That explanation works fine for the previous example, but it hardly
> accounts
> for this one -- heard this afternoon on PBS's "The Talk of the Nation." I
> am imaging the speaker to be 'middle aged' and 'southern' and NOT a 'person
> of color', judging by her voice. She was responding to a comment regarding
> the use of the term 'guard' instead of 'correction officer' for people who
> watch other people in prison.
> That, she said, "is lovely of those lovely commentations made by people."
> dh
> From: Wilson Gray
> I think that he thought something like, "What can I pull out of my
> passive lexicon of little- or never-used words in order to Amos-&-Andy
> my way into giving the impression that I'm a gentleman of learning,
> rather than the common street thug that I am?"
> (Yes, I'm sure that you understood that and I do get the joke in your
> comment. :-))
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