Heard on The Judges: "exuded" = "told"

Doug Harris cats22 at FRONTIERNET.NET
Thu Jul 3 22:28:22 UTC 2008

That explanation works fine for the previous example, but it hardly accounts
for this one -- heard this afternoon on PBS's "The Talk of the Nation." I
am imaging the speaker to be 'middle aged' and 'southern' and NOT a 'person
of color', judging by her voice. She was responding to a comment regarding
the use of the term 'guard' instead of 'correction officer' for people who
watch other people in prison.
That, she said, "is lovely of those lovely commentations made by people."


From: Wilson Gray

I think that he thought something like, "What can I pull out of my
passive lexicon of little- or never-used words in order to Amos-&-Andy
my way into giving the impression that I'm a gentleman of learning,
rather than the common street thug that I am?"

(Yes, I'm sure that you understood that and I do get the joke in your
comment. :-))

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