"hot dog" T.A. Dorgan story in St. Louis Post-Dispatch (UNCLASSIFIED)

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As a discussant on this list noted a few weeks ago (perhaps I myself), in at least some varieties of Southern speech, "hot dog" can refer only to the entire sandwich--never to the sausage-thing alone. I would call the elongated meat-like item inside the bun a wiener or weenie, irrespective of its size or color--never a frankfurter. Only somewhat recently did I learn the term "brat," and I don't know (even now) what a "redhot" is!


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>> In 1901, the name "hot dog" began to overtake "frankfurter," "red hot," "dachshund," "frank" and "wiener."
>Not quite, among the black Saint Louisans of my youth, for whom >"frankfurters" and "wienies" were distinct and a frank(furter) sangwich was distinct from a hot dog, though a frank(furter) sangwich was no more than a hot dog made with a frankfurter instead of a wienie.

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