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Date: 08-Jul-2008
From: Isabel Durán <isabel.dumu at gmail.com>
Subject: Terminological Resources

Dear all,
As part of my reseach, I have elaborated a survey to know more about the
translators' needs and expectations related to terminological resources
available at the moment, understanding ''terminological resources'' as the
specialised resources used by translators while translating (corpora,
specialised glossaries, termbanks, etc.).

I would be very pleased if you can fill in or, at least, forward it to some
collegues, translators, interpreters, linguistics [sic], etc.

The link is
(English version).

If you have any enquiry, suggestion, recommendations, etc., I would be
pleased to receive it.

Thanks in advance.

Isabel Durán

The American Dialect Society - http://www.americandialect.org

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