semantic drift: "allude" (trans.)

Jonathan Lighter wuxxmupp2000 at YAHOO.COM
Fri Jul 11 16:49:46 UTC 2008

Equals "suggest or imply," occasionally "declare."  (Cf. OED def. 7, 1547-1677, esp. quot. 1587.)
1996 Reincarnation: some questions. (Mar. 2) (Usenet): As 1st post to Bill S, i ve alluded that my answer is in line with the Madhyamika's doctrine of 4 fold profundities against all extremes.
1996 _Old-time Religion_ (Apr. 27) (Usenet): The Documentary label vynal I finally aquired alluded that they had an on-going project to release the full, collected, works of KOKOMO on disk.
 2008 _Happening Now_ (Fox News Channel) (July 11): He then picked up two circular bat weights and put them to his eyes, apparently alluding that the ump can't see straight.
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