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Fri Jul 11 23:40:18 UTC 2008


My wife, a marketing researcher, is in a bit of a quandary. She is
writing a summary report for a client, who is a stickler for
grammatical correctness.

She asked me to help take a load off of her plate, by trying to find
out what the correct spelling of the term for an audio snippet in
vogue. Is it:

sound bite
or sound byte

I've gleaned, I think, that it is an "I" not a "Y", which would make
it an infinitely more clever turn of phrase, and, of course, allows
for audio outside the cyber realm, n'est-ce pas? But...is it one one
or two? For the life of me, I cannot source any references that cite
this usage issue.

I've asked a number of my so-called literate friends, whom I thought
might have the right stuff, but all they managed to do was assail me
with dozens of citations to Wikipedia. Gakk! I'd like JUSTTT a bit
more authority than that dubious core dump.

I figured, one of the Keepers of Words could enlighten me.

And to this end, is there a list archive, where this topic might have
been broached already? If so, is it searchable?

Thanx for the bandwidth, pardon my frequency,
Rex Stocklin,
Fishers, IN

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