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Mon Jul 14 16:08:23 UTC 2008

>  > But confusion might be incurred.  Thus "Carpeteria", with penultimate
>>  stress on /i/, is a suburb of Santa Barbara.  But as you can see and
>>  hear at, the
>>  ubiqitous homographic carpet store chain pronounced it with
>>  antepenultimate stress, "cafeteria" style.
>>  LH
>Um, I think it's Carpenteria or Carpinteria CA.

Oopsie.  Yes indeed, so no actual homography (much less homonymy);
it's actually from the Spanish word for 'carpenter shop', not 'carpet
shop'.  But the point about the stress pattern remains.


>  I like the analogy to
>"cafeteria" as a guide to the pronunciation. It keeps the coffee connection
>alive & buries the "diarrhea" & other unpleasant echoes.
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