keep it real = authentic

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I agree with what Ron has to say WRT to approaching the question from
another POV, such that Chappelle's sketches *do* relate to
authenticity vs. inauthenticity, especially since that's the way that
I personally interpret the sketches. But, unfortunately - well,
trivially, since the proper analysis of "keeping it real" will not
ensure world peace - I failed to see how to present an argument in
support of that analysis.


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>> As Chappelle uses the phrase, it appears to have little to do with
>> authenticity. Rather, it appears to relate to maintaining one's social
>> status in the face of any challenge thereto whatsoever
> That is, giving authentic, unrestrained responses to challenges   rather than
> controlled, unauthentic ones. Or at any rate that is exactly how "keep it
> real" is used in the video.
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