Heard on The Judges: "dillinger"; "baby's mother"

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Personally, I'm just hoping  -- anxiously awaiting -- a chance to use that
one in a sentence.  That is, a sentence with no real danger at stake.  That
is, I hope not to 'keep it real', but maybe just keep it.

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> Forty-ish, black, female speaker:
> "She told my probation officer that I had a _dillinger_ [dIlInGr] in my
> house.
> _Dillinger_,  i.e. the name of the famous criminal, is the standard BE
> term for the small, two-barreled, two-shot, over-under pocket-pistol
> otherwise called a "derringer" [dErInGr], whose design was ultimately
> derived from the design of a small, originally single-barreled pistol
> designed by Henry Deringer of Easton, PA, ca.1852.
> Twenty-ish, black, male speaker:
> "I wasn't there. I had went over my _baby's mother house_."
> Close, but no cigar.
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