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Reminds me of an old cullud joke:

A colored boy was allowed to take a brief respite from his job
cropping shares. He ended up having such a good time that he wrote
(already, we know that this has to be a joke, since the very essence
of share-cropping involved making certain that none of the 'croppers,
even the white ones, ever learned to read, write, or, especially,
"figure") his bossman to request an extension of his vacation.

His bossman responded with a letter that contained only the following:


Of course, the colored boy didn't know what to make of this. However,
he felt that his wisest move would be to return home.

After meeting his bossman and the latter's mule as usual on the
following Monday morning, the colored boy was moved to enquire of The

"Missa Cholly, whut did yo' letta mean?

The Man replied:

Why, clearly, you must have understood, inasmuch as you are here. My
letter meant simply:

"Meet Me & My Mule Monday Morning, Mother-Fucker!"


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> Regardless of traffic flow, disruptions of same and all that, the
> hyphenated rude comment at the end -- albeit abbreviated -- was NOT
> called for, IMHO.
> dh
>> If you wouldn't mind, please read this paragraph and then answer the
>> question below.
>> ----
>> JPC construction will be doing work at a manhole location on 34th
>> Street just north of Spruce Street. Therefore, the east traffic lane
>> will be closed for approximately 4 weeks during the hours of 7:00am -
>> 3:30 pm M-F.
>> ----
>> .
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