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for some reason, I had thought the term mean to hold, but not to consume,
and instead to talk, a lot, at length, on various topics, while the joint
(or cigarette) burned itself out.

but apparently that was a  mistake.

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> In addition to bogarting Girl Scouts (or were there Brownies on that
> ice cream?), there are also bogarting Venezuelan capuchin monkeys, in
> the archives Feb. 11, 2008.  The author of the NYTimes article that
> gave me that information, Natalie Angier, credited the same tradition
> (from Humphrey) and song in an email message.
> Joel
> At 7/18/2008 07:23 AM, David A. Daniel wrote:
> >There was a discussion here some time ago about "bogart". Happens it is
> >today's word of the day from M-W. Thought I would share, fwiw.
> >bogart
> >verb
> >Meaning
> >1 : bully, intimidate
> >*2 : to use or consume without sharing
> >Example Sentence
> >Three of the older girls bogarted the ice cream, ignoring the other
> campers'
> >pleas for them to share.
> >Did you know?
> >The legendary film actor Humphrey Bogart was known for playing a range of
> >tough characters in a series of films throughout the 1940s and 1950s,
> >including The Maltese Falcon, Casablanca, and The African Queen. The men
> he
> >portrayed often possessed a cool, hardened exterior that occasionally let
> >forth a suggestion of romantic or idealistic sentimentality. Bogart also
> had
> >a unique method of smoking cigarettes in these pictures - letting the butt
> >dangle from his mouth without removing it until it was almost entirely
> >consumed. It is believed that this habit inspired the current meaning of
> >"bogart," which was once limited to the phrase "Don't bogart that joint
> >[marijuana cigarette]," as popularized by a song on the soundtrack to the
> >film Easy Rider, among other things. Today "bogart" can be applied to
> >hogging almost anything.
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