Tastes like Chicken

Ed Keer edkeer at YAHOO.COM
Mon Jul 21 17:28:29 UTC 2008

I'm looking around for any information on the phrase "tastes like chicken". I found an ad in the Aug. 4, 1914 Philadelphia Inquirer for Blue Sea Tuna which has the tagline "tastes like chicken". The Chicken of the Sea company also began in 1914, but I don't know it relates to Blue Sea Tuna or which came first.
 And I found an article from the June 29, 1919 Philadelphia Inquirer which says:
"Tuna fish is the most wonderful stuff. If you wish it to taste like chicken somehow or other it tastes like chicken, and if you wish it to tast like crab, lo, and behold, it tastes like crab.It certainly is accomodating."
Does anyone know whether it's safe to think that the phrase 'tastes like chicken' originated with canned tuna products? Or is there evidence of older usages?


Ed Keer

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