Sommelier (was to "maggie")

James Harbeck jharbeck at SYMPATICO.CA
Tue Jul 22 01:48:49 UTC 2008

I've heard one other person use the term "sommelier" in the loose
sense you indicate, meaning, really, knowledgeable oenophile, but I
just took it as individual error. Evidently not. However, I'm still
resolutely used to the term only as a professional designation,
increasingly with a certain specific education expected and with
professional certifications available. That I edit the website of a
well-known Canadian wine critic has undoubtedly solidified me in this.

On the other hand, the [so-MA-li-e] pronunciation is one I hear every
so often. I neither like it nor use it, but I think I shall have to
get used to it.

Incidentally, I _have_ encountered the term "Maggie" before in
reference to the Word technique mentioned. It comes up every so often
in discussions among editors.

James Harbeck.

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