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Perhaps we need a new WOTY category just for social networking lingo...
"Picture Your Name Here," by Lisa Guernsey, New York Times, July 27, 2008

De-tagging — removing your name from a Facebook photo — has become an
image-saving step in the college party cycle. "The event happens,
pictures are up within 12 hours, and within another 12 hours people
are de-tagging," says Chris Pund, a senior at Radford University in
Virginia. ...
"If I'm holding something I shouldn't be holding, I'll untag," says
Robyn Backer, a junior at Virginia Wesleyan College. She recalls how
her high school principal saw online photos of partying students and
suspended the athletes who were holding beer bottles but not those
with red plastic cups. "And if I'm making a particularly ugly face,
I'll untag myself. Anything really embarrassing, I'll untag."

--Ben Zimmer

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