Michael Covarrubias mcovarru at PURDUE.EDU
Sat Mar 1 10:17:38 UTC 2008

Bill Cunningham to NPR's Robert Siegel about John McCain:

Sad -- it is very sad for a gentleman who did not hear what I said --
who has met me several times but has forgotten about it -- he might have
half-heimers-- The guy's getting a bit old. It is sad when he forgets
meeting me and then having not heard me he criticizes words that I
didn't say, that he didn't hear, and then throws me under the Straight
Talk Express.

So if full dementia is of the All(z)heimer's type, temporary mild or
selective memory loss is of the Half-heimers type.

Googleâ„¢ hits.

"halfheimers" 749
"half heimers" 590
"halfheimer's" 85
"half heimer's" 57

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