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an excellent term, if I could only remember it...


At 5:17 AM -0500 3/1/08, Michael Covarrubias wrote:
>Bill Cunningham to NPR's Robert Siegel about John McCain:
>Sad -- it is very sad for a gentleman who did not hear what I said --
>who has met me several times but has forgotten about it -- he might have
>half-heimers-- The guy's getting a bit old. It is sad when he forgets
>meeting me and then having not heard me he criticizes words that I
>didn't say, that he didn't hear, and then throws me under the Straight
>Talk Express.
>So if full dementia is of the All(z)heimer's type, temporary mild or
>selective memory loss is of the Half-heimers type.
>Google¬Ā hits.
>"halfheimers" 749
>"half heimers" 590
>"halfheimer's" 85
>"half heimer's" 57
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