Chinese character test

Douglas G. Wilson douglas at NB.NET
Sun Mar 2 18:59:39 UTC 2008

Douglas G. Wilson wrote:
>> ?j?a��A?n!
> I got gibberish. But that's because of my obsolete E-mail client, which
> I have now replaced with a Unicode-compatible program.
> Now I can read all my Russian and Chinese spam! ... well, at least
> perceive the words.
> The character test worked OK according to the ADS-L on-line record:
> Let's see whether this will fly:
It didn't fly. It was Unicode. I can send and receive Unicode but the
ADS server apparently cannot or will not use it ... apparently the
server can handle Big5 encoding, but I don't have a convenient way to
input Big5 AFAIK, and I suppose others may not either. Maybe I'm missing
something important again.

I hope someone better informed can comment. Surely in this modern era
the server should be able to deal with Unicode?

-- Doug Wilson

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