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It's an "open o" or "backward c" or whatever other visual description you want to give the IPA symbol for the vowel sound "awe" (which in truespel is ~au).  So it's ~kaufin.  Always has been.  The word "off" has always been ~auf.  "Coffee" has always been ~kaufee.  But not anymore.  The "awe-droppers" refuse to say the sound ~au, and are dropping it out of the American English foenubet.  Not good.

Data show that American folks still prefer ~au at least for "caught" instead of pronouncing it "cot".  But many newscaster in FL are replacing "awe" with "ah".  In fact some say "cloddy" instead of "cloudy".

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> I was listening to a podcast featuring 2 thirty-something New Yorkers. One
> of them pronounced 'coffin' with an open-o, and the other ridiculed him,
> saying something about how it's not 'coughin'.
> My question for those of you who maintain the distinction between /a/ and
> open-o: Do you all have /a/ for 'coffin'? I'm wondering whether this is
> another example of a word that varies in its phonemic assignment.
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