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From:    James Harbeck <jharbeck at SYMPATICO.CA>

> I'm just curious as to whether, and if so from where, one can take
> accredited, worthwhile university credit courses in linguistics
> online or by other distance education means. I'm aware that MIT makes
> many course materials available free online, but as far as I know you
> can't get credit for their courses unless you're a regular student
> showing up in person etc. -- i.e., you can't register and take the
> courses online. Or am I wrong? And what about elswhere? US, Canada,
> UK, Australia, NZ?

Don't know how worthwhile my teaching is, but here at the U of Central
Florida i occasionally teach linguistics courses online (the frequency
depends on the budget situation here, which right now is very, very
bad--online courses cost less for my department to deliver). This
semester, for example, i'm teaching an introductory graduate seminar
(which shouldn't be delivered online, but that's a whole separate rant)
and a history of the English language course fully online.

Other semesters, i've taught things as disparate as cross-cultural
communication and an introductory survey of lx online.

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