Date of "second-wave feminism/feminist"

Joanne M. Despres jdespres at MERRIAM-WEBSTER.COM
Fri May 16 15:03:55 UTC 2008

Would any of you out there know of an earlier occurrence of "second wave"
in connection with feminism earlier than the cite quoted below, which I
found in Nexis?  I've checked and the Time
magazine archive and found nothing earlier there.  M-W doesn't enter the
phrase; I'm asking on behalf of an archivist friend at the Sophia Smith
Collection who is fielding a query from a feminist researcher.

The broadly based suffragette movement gained political rights for
women. If feminism in its second wave is to achieve social choices on an
equal footing with men, then it must be an inclusive movement, with
room for all thoughtful political views. New York Times, Letters to the
Editor, DANA RUTH GOODGAL Princeton, N.J., July 7, 1983



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