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On a comment on a friend's blog I saw the sentence

  I got into a fight with R, who is an ASD curebie and thinks her son
got thimerosal in his vaccines.

(ASD =  Autism Spectrum Disorder.) I asked about the word and was told

  "Curebies" think that autism can and should be cured. Often with a
side-order of "no matter what cost to the child".

Most googits seem to be fairly flamey on one side or the other. The
most useful definition I saw, defining it without prejudice, was at  ("Aspie"
= "person with Asperger's syndrome"):

  Curebie is a popular term for person or persons who are promoting or
seeking a cure for autism. It is used in a negative sense.

Urbandictionary has two defs from those who use the word, like the def
I was given on the blog:

Urban Dictionary: curebie

1. curebie
Someone who tries to cure that which cannot be cured, or that doesn't
need to be cured.

"Curebie" is slang term used in the Autistic community to describe
people who try to cure Autism - despite the fact that it has already
been made perfectly clear that Autism in all of its forms is
uncurable, and that people wouldn't want to be cured, anyway. It's
just society trying to make them normal, they say.

Trying to cure Autism? You curebie!

[#2 is a trollery.]

3.      curebie
Someone who believes that they can cure someone of that which is the
essential core of their nature, rather than deal with the social
difficulties and related problems.

In another generation the curebies would probably have wished to cure

Mark Mandel

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