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Wed Oct 1 22:44:31 UTC 2008

Could this be gender-specific rather than sex-specific? I can
certainly imagine a heterosexual male being called a drama queen if he
has a fit in an effeminate manner. Here, the fit perhaps is masculine,
so "king" is applied. BB

On Oct 1, 2008, at 1:07 PM, Wilson Gray wrote:

> I may be totally mistaken, here, but I've long been under the
> impression that the term, "drama-queen," referred to an openly-gay man
> who had a rather histrionic personality, such that he tended to freak
> out over small things that were of little moment, to people gay or
> straight, with less outgoing personalities.
> I've now begun to hear "drama-king" used as though "drama -queen" were
> a term applicable originally only to straight women.
> For example, it was used by his former girlfriend to describe  the
> same man who earlier claimed that, since he didn't "lhave a
> _beat-a-woman bone_ in [his] body," his apparently-threatening action
> was meant only "to _scare her up_ a bit" and not as a real physical
> threat

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