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Tue Oct 7 14:19:12 UTC 2008

I've heard this several times over the past few weeks from big-shot talking heads. A few minutes ago on Fox News a former assistant director of the FBI explained that Evil Knievel was "a rather braggadocious individual."
Not related to language, so quit reading if you plan to object.  Yesterday Fox interviewed a chap who's written a bio of Gov. Palin. In response to a question about the Governor's qualifications to take over as President if necessary, he said (I paraphrase closely): 
"There's been a change in recent years in what it means to be qualified. In the Old Paradigm, one became qualified by starting at a low level and serving an apprenticeship of many years. At the end of that period one could be considered 'qualified.'  Well, according to that paradigm, Gov. Palin would be qualified to be President of the PTA. However, in the New Paradigm that's emerged since the 1990's, qualification is based far more on energy and the ability to connect. So yes, I think she is qualified to be President." 
Pick a Republican / Democrat/ political hack of the past. Now picture them saying that with a straight face - in *support* of a candidate. 
I'm outta here. 

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