You really do never? / don't ever? know!

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The three guys were actually out on the water on their boards and
literally surfing. It was unclear as to whether the children - who
themselves would now be fat-and-forty (Damn! Time flies, whether or
not you're having a good time) - of the white kids on the bus were
waiting on the beach, ready to "put foot."


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> So, who was doing the ass-kicking?
> dh
> Subject: OT: You really do never? / don't ever? know!
> Among the many anecdotes that I've posted is one about a group of
> black kids in L.A. encountering a group of white kids with surfboards.
> The black kids have no idea what these apparatus are. One of the white
> kids explains the surfboards and their use. Then he asks, "Don't you
> guys surf?"
> BK: "Man, you ever seen a blood [a clip of "blood brother" or of
> "youngblood" or of both; it's hard to know, for certain] (small "b,"
> since this anecdote - 1964 - predates the formation of the famous gang
> by about a dekkid) surf?"
> WK: "No."
> BK: "Well, if you do, you kick his ass!"
> About ten minutes ago, I saw a commercial featuring what appear to be
> three fat-and-forty bloods surfing. They could have been native
> Hawaiians, but ...
> -Wilson
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