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There once was an Oriental gentleman who dealt in rare spices, beautiful
gems and exotic wood who noticed that his stock seemed to be shrinking.  As
he investigated, he noticed nothing but standard, if small, human footprints
around the easily opened window into the alley.  When he asked the
neighbors, they denied seeing any people, although they had noted a stocky,
rotund, animal which sometimes walked upright, passing through the alley
late at night.  This lead the shopkeeper to guard his shop one night to
catch the culprit.  Around midnight, the window opened and a figure came in.
The shopkeeper started up and the figure ran out with the shopkeeper in
pursuit, yelling,

"Stop, boyfoot bear with teak of Chan!"

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Aw, geez, guys! You know that, if I had a story, I'd tell it!

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