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At 8:22 PM -0500 10/12/08, Dave Hause wrote:
>There once was an Oriental gentleman who dealt in rare spices, beautiful
>gems and exotic wood who noticed that his stock seemed to be shrinking.  As
>he investigated, he noticed nothing but standard, if small, human footprints
>around the easily opened window into the alley.  When he asked the
>neighbors, they denied seeing any people, although they had noted a stocky,
>rotund, animal which sometimes walked upright, passing through the alley
>late at night.  This lead the shopkeeper to guard his shop one night to
>catch the culprit.  Around midnight, the window opened and a figure came in.
>The shopkeeper started up and the figure ran out with the shopkeeper in
>pursuit, yelling,
>"Stop, boyfoot bear with teak of Chan!"

Are we about to go through all of these shaggies?  The one proving
that a Benny shaved is a Benny urned?  Even the one that ends with
the arrest for transporting a mynah across a state lion for immortal


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