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Tue Oct 21 11:33:46 UTC 2008

when i was in the 5th my teacher used me as an example of an immigrant.
it was probably a social studies unit and i think he just read the
definition from the book then pointed and said something like "like
michael." i thought "really? that's what it means? i thought just my
parents were immigrants" since they had in fact immigrated. of course i
don't know what "that" would mean that would include me too. was it
'those who immigrate and their children'? i got home and asked my
parents if my teacher was right. "am i an immigrant?" i asked. they
still laugh about it because i asked with such fear of being
disappointed to learn what i really was. hey i was 10.

I learned to ignore this teacher. he accused my friend of saying "i'm
*damn* sure" when my friend had said "i *am* sure." i told him "rick
said *am*" and he snapped back "you stay out of this!" he told the class
that my father was a psychologist. when i corrected him and said 'he's a
psychiatrist' he responded with "same thing."

even worse he tried to convince us that naturalist john muir's last name
was pronounced like 'meyer' rhyming with 'higher'. the key in the book
said 'MYOOR' and i argued with him but he wouldn't listen. i figure
because i was after all just a silly little foul-mouthed immigrant son
of a witch-doctor.


Doug_Harris wrote:
> says:
> "The truth is, Barack Obama was born in the state of Hawaii in 1961, a
> native citizen of the United States of America."
> (with about as good a definition as can be had) defines
> immigrant thusly:
> "A person who leaves one country to settle permanently in another."
> Barack Obama is _not_ an immigrant -- recent or otherwise.
> dh
> > Benjamin Barrett said:
> > It was me. Are you saying that Barack Obama's father (and essentially,
> > by implication, Barack) isn't a recent immigrant? Barack Obama, Sr.,
> > came to Hawai'i as a student when he was 23 years old. Since he was
> > born in 1936 (,_Sr.), that
> > would be circa 1959, which is *very* recent for immigration

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