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Douglas G. Wilson douglas at NB.NET
Fri Oct 24 04:53:39 UTC 2008

Joel S. Berson wrote:
> It seems I didn't go far enough, although I still
> think Google Groups doesn't distinguish with vs. without tilde.

[Sorry, my previous message was incomplete.]

Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't. Using Alt-0241 to enter the "ñ"
(n-tilde), I'll try ...


~900,000 claimed hits


~900,000 claimed hits


~900,000 claimed hits


3 hits, all erroneous of course, but all superficially having the n-tilde.

Putting quotes on something with "ñ" forces the "ñ" to be found ("n" not
accepted); however I don't know whether approach will force "n" to be
found to the exclusion of "ñ".

Let's try ...

mañana / manana / manaña / mañaña

each about 95,000,000 claimed hits


~91,000,000 claimed hits


~4,000,000 claimed hits


~100,000 claimed hits


~24,000 claimed hits

... hmmm, looks like it did distinguish ....

-- Doug Wilson

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