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What's a "raw g-hit"?  How does one evaluate it?  Is 137,000 raw g-hits a lot?

One of the lowest frequency words in the British National Corpus of 100M hits is "abided" with only 6 hits  according to ftp://ftp.itri.bton.ac.uk/bnc/all.num.o5  How many raw g-hits does "abided" get?

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> At 2:35 AM +0000 7/31/09, Tom Zurinskas wrote:
>>See "I'd've" below. I haven't seen a double apostrophe before.
> Sheltered life! I've seen many, in particular involving variants of
> this one ("she'd've", "they'd've", etc.). There are 137,000 raw
> g-hits for "I'd've".
> LH
>>I have taught a lot of subjects and activities over the years and in
>>each case had a level of expertise higher than my students. I knew
>>the subject or sport, was more experienced in it, was able to model
>>and participate on a level higher than the students. I'd be able to
>>win a game (Well, I'd've won a few years back. Now I get awfully
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