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Thanks for conjure. has USA saying ~kaanzher while UK says ~kaanjer.  I would say USA says it the same as UK.

The top 5k make up about 90% of the words in print media.  Add 5k more and it goes to about 95%.  All the rest of the words in English make up the next 5%.  The simplified English of the VOA has a dictionary of about 1,500 words.

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> On Aug 9, 2009, at 3:14 AM, Tom Zurinskas wrote:
>> My mind conjers (spellcheck says congers) up warm, moist, chewy
>> chocolate chip cookies. Quite pleasant, I think.
>> ...
>> For the top 5k words of English (Collins Cobuild) there is no word
>> with tradstreeng "ong" that takes "soft g" ~j. The word "conger"
>> didn't make the top 5k. 80% of the "ng" tradstreengz are in "ing".
>> (a tradstreeng is a bunch of letters in a row in tradspel
>> (traditional spelling)).
> you've confused conger/conjure
> your spell check figured you were trying to write about an eel. "conger"
> the word your'e looking for is "conjure."
> as for the rarity of followed by the affricate : how about
> congeal, congenial, longevity, nongenerator, ponge... 5k words
> doesn't make for that interesting a corpus.
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