caron in 1978

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I just noticed that Ishida's IPA Character Picker has "caron".

It's the third diacritic in the diacritic row.  You have to mouse over it to
see the description.

And anyway, if you use IPA regularly in docs and emails and don't know about
this, you should take a look at it.


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> One somewhat early source for "caron" is Stanley Rice's "Book Design:
> Systematic Aspects" (R. R. Bowker, 1978).  But this (page 103) turns
> out merely to be a reproduction of the U.S. Government Printing
> Office "Manual of Style"s table of "signs and symbols" , which I
> reported previously dates from 1976 (and not in any earlier edition
> of this manual).  Rice does not cast any additional light on the term
> "caron"
> However, he does include a table of "Accented Characters (Arranged by
> language)" (page 105), which includes Bohemian (Czech), Lettish,
> Lithuanian, Serbo-Croatian, Slovakian, and Slovenian -- for each of
> which this table shows some letters with a caron accent mark.
> Joel
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