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On Mon, Aug 10, 2009 at 11:47 PM, Joel S. Berson<Berson at> wrote:
> Randy, are you suggesting that Ishida's IPA Character Picker
> antedates the 1967 of the U.S> Style Manual? Â Or that IPA itself
> called this symbol "caron" before 1967?

No, of course not.

> Or rather that this is an additional sense/use for "caron"?

Yes.  Just that.  I also looked up the relevant entries in Pullum &
Ladusaw's _Phonetic Symbol Guide_ and the _Handbook of the
International Phonetic Association_, both of which unsurprisingly call
it a wedge.

I thought it was notable because 1) it's pretty rare, and 2) here it's
being used (now) to describe the IPA symbol when the IPA itself
apparently has never used it that way.  And if there had been any
trend in calling that IPA symbol "caron", P&L would have likely
reported that.

> Ishida
> calls it "combining caron" (but in the "latin character picker" of
> his "Unicode character pickers" he also calls it "combining caron" --
> at least when appearing alone, and not with some letter, when he
> calls it just "caron").
> (And as I wrote previously, "caron" has been used in the terminology
> of ISO character set standards -- thus specifically to refer to the
> accent mark, not to a proofreader's symbol -- since at least 1978.)

I had forgotten that.  I guess then it's likely that's where Ishida
picked it up.

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