evangelical verbs

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Susan Harding, Prof. of Anthro. at UCSC, did a very interesting study
of this culture in her book _The Book of Jerry Falwell_ (Princeton
University Press 2001), a classic piece of ethnography.  I don't
recall if it covers the verbs you're looking at, but it's a great
place to start.



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> I was wondering if anyone knows about any studies of lexical/semantic
> change in the (American) English of evangelical Christians.  Searching lots
> of relevant words on google gives me too much about interpretation of
> scripture and too little about how people talk today.
> I'm thinking of things like these, from here:
> <http://www.duggarfamily.com/faq.html>
> (1) the truths from God's Word being taught through Mr. Sammons began to
> _convict me of_ my need to "owe no man anything but love."
> (convict me = give me the conviction )
> (2) We purpose to go out for a lunch or dinner date weekly.
> (purpose to = set out with the purpose to;  like 'try' but without as much
> space for failure?)
> I'm thinking of setting this as a topic for an undergraduate dissertation
> this year--looking at, perhaps, the metalinguistic commentaries on their
> use in the community and the relation to readings of scripture.  I think
> those kinds of sources are findable, and I suspect that if I hunt through
> past issues of 'Among the new words' I'll find some info too.  But any tips
> on linguistic/lexicographical commentary on the phenomenon would be
> gratefully received.
> I purpose to gratitude anyone who knowledges me forward.
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