Is this an eggcorn?

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On 17 Aug 2009, at 05:12, Your Name (ROSESKES at AOL.COM) wrote:

> I saw a video on "American Funniest Home Videos" where a little girl
> is
> prompted to brag about why she doesn't need diapers any more.  Her
> older
> sister whispers that she should say, "Because I'm potty-trained."
> The  little
> girl presents it as: "Because my bottom's trained!"  Since that
> actually
> makes sense, I'm thinking this is a true eggcorn.  So say ye  all?

[Maybe replacing "Your Name" with your name would be helpful. I have
added your email address.]

This may be simply a case of the small child not being familiar with
the term "potty-trained" at all and to adapt the heard sounds to words
she is.

I would as a rule exclude the non-standard productions of children
still acquiring their native language from the eggcorn collections.
There are likely to be many more things going on at that stage.

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