in Filipino English: "glitz" for "glitch"; "presidentiable"

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Thu Aug 27 21:32:02 UTC 2009

Just happened on this (

Barring any major glitz, Senator Manny Villar appears on his way to
becoming the next president of the Republic of the Philippines, now
that all surveys point to him as the frontrunner among all
presidentiables if the elections were to be held now.

That may be a one-time slip, but note also "presidentiable" (not in
has 6 cites in English from 1985 to 2005, all referring to either
French or Philippine politics, and notes etymologically:

The noun form of the word is probably separately derived in France and
the Philippines from the adjective presidentiable ‘capable of being
president.’ Such an adjective-to-noun conversion is more common in
French and Spanish (from where the word was introduced into the
Philippines) than it is in English. A similar word is papabile
‘suitable to be Pope.’

The Spanish form, with "c" instead of "t", gets raw ghits: 656 of
about 456,000 for presidenciable*, omitting "some entries very similar
to the 656 already displayed".

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