"cow down" = bow down

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The audio isn't available yet, but the transcript is. For the time being it
looks like Egg Tarantino to me. To wit:
Mr. TARANTINO: Well, yeah, but Goebbels had nothing to do with those. Leni
Riefenstahl was the one person Goebbels had no control over in the
filmmaking community of Nazi Germany, and they despised each other. But
because she was Hitler's favorite, she could do what she wanted. She was the
only filmmaker that did not have to cow down to Joseph Goebbels. But even
then, you know, that was all before the war, all right?

We've got a long way to go and a short time to get there
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> Eggcorn for kowtow, clearly! (But I wonder if "cow down" is what he
> actually
> said.)
You may be right; my hearing is not great.  Something, however, made
me go back & replay it in my mind, which wouldn't have happened had I
clearly, since that would be perfectly appropriate.

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