The Noughties

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Noughties gets my vote as well as the name for the years 0-9.  So long as its not pronounced knotties.

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> Subject: The Noughties
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> Subject: The Noughties
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> OK, I did not follow the thread on the "Decade with no name" so if this was
> brought up therein, I apologize. article "How Tiger defined golf in
> the Noughties", which seems pretty apropos to me. I see most Google results
> seem to be of the Brit persuasion, which makes sense since they tend to use
> nought/naught more than Americans, and using the version with o creates a
> distinction though with recognizable pun-ish kinship to naughty. And then
> has another, perhaps not coincidental, report on The Era of Sex
> Scandals. Anyway, Noughties gets my vote.
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