"New Orleans," pronunciation thereof

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FWIW: My husband, who is 50 and from New Orleans, says that the folks who
live there have many ways of saying it, depending on where in the city
they're from and how they self-identify.  He, being the son of an petroleum
engineer originally from Texas, hung around with people from similar
"transplant" backgrounds, and grew up saying, "NewAWlins," kind of run
together but with a distinct syllable for "New."  (Having lived in Michigan
20 years, he now says, "NewAWRlins.") He says the folks from the Ninth Ward
(many of whom were seen on TV in the wake of Katrina, say, "NAWlins."  And,
again according to him, the yats say "N'yawlins."  See this link for more on
yats: http://www.gumbopages.com/yatspeak.html.

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> >>  All my life I said "New Or-LEENs" (note the "r"). Then I met people
> from
> >>  there who ridiculed me because they said "NAWlins" only. ? They were my
> age,
> >>  so that pronunciation must have been standard in the 1950s if not
> before.
> >
> >"new or-LEENZ" is also my pronunciation. The "r" will be there by
> >default for rhotic speakers like me (NYC area) and absent for
> >non-rhotics (including N.O.), so that difference is automatic here.
> >
> >But I've also seen a pronunciation described as "N'yawlinz" (iirc),
> >with a /y/. Anyone know more about that?
> And not just from N'Yawkuhs who've moved to the Crescent City?
> LH
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