"New Orleans," pronunciation thereof

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Battle of New Orleans - song.  Says it as ~~Nue Orlleenz~~ in truespel.


I too have said Los Angeleez.  It's Los Angelis now ~~Laus Anjoolis~~.  Not ~Laas.

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> All my life I said "New Or-LEENs" (note the "r"). Then I met people from
> there who ridiculed me because they said "NAWlins" only. They were my age,
> so that pronunciation must have been standard in the 1950s if not before.
> Reminds me of a note I posted a few years back about (Anglo) characters in
> 1930s movies saying "Los Angeleez," with a [g].
> JL
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>> Subject: "New Orleans," pronunciation thereof
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>> All of my life, I've been under the impression that the "proper," i.e.
>> local, pronunciation of the name of this city was - eye-dialect is
>> sufficient unto this post - "New Aw-LEENS." However, I've long since
>> seen the claim in print that the pronunciation is N'AW-lins. But what
>> do travel reporters for the NYT know about the Mouth of The South?
>> However, in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, I was able to hear
>> many instances of the local pronunciation of the city's name and lo!
>> to my astonishment, the locals *did* say, "N'AW-lins"!
>> Needless to say, since that time, I've wondered where TF did I get the
>> impression that "New Aw-LEENS" was the local pronunciation. To the
>> best of my memory, which is, as y'all know, unchallengeable, I learned
>> that pronunciation down in Texas, about the time that I learned to
>> understand English. But, in instances wherein my memory clashes with
>> what even I recognize as the reality, I'm forced to "check myself."
>> Getting to the point, iTunes has yielded the LC recordings of talk and
>> piano-playing by Ferdinand Joseph "Jelly-Roll Morton" LaMothe. In a
>> rap in which he conversates about the difference between ragtime as
>> played in Saint Louis vs. the manner in which this musical genre is
>> played in New Orleans, using The Maple-Leaf Rag as his exemplar, he
>> clearly and consistently pronounces the name of the Crescent City, his
>> hometown, only as "New Aw-LEENS."
>> Apparently, we elderly have to concern ourselves with all kinds of
>> changes in what is considered "correct" speech. Even *descriptive*
>> grammar can't be relied upon, cross-temporally. Or should the be,
>> "trans-chronically"?
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