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Well, not quite. I was aiming for phonetics and not phonology. I could
have gone with eye-phonetics and written "LAY dale," I speck. Prolly
would have been clearer. Hale fie!

As far as I've noticed, "speck is sometimes written literarily as
"expect." IMO, it should be "suspect." But the *only* actual
pronunciation that I've *ever* heard is "speck." Possibly some serious
historical philology could pin it down. But given that I *personally*
have heard only "speck" and that that certainly could once have been
"expect," that it's actually derived from "suspect" is merely my
personal opinion, one that I came to when I was perhaps four or five.
I don't know of any reason why I should change that opinion, but I'm
certainly open to clear evidence that "speck" really *is* derived from

BTW, everybody recalls Byron De La Beckwith, right? In whose name "De
La" was a middle name pronounced "DEE lay"? Wal, the name of the
letter "a" is "ay," I reckon.


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>> marines of WWII,
> /'le,dEl/, yes?
> m a m
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