Pairing "biased" media

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Critical Discourse Analysis is but one of several theoretical frameworks that could be used to examine possible bias
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Also Fox vs. CNN.  Fo also goes out of its way to bash the N.Y. Times
whenever possible.

You have to be very observant to ascertain that Fox and CNN are reporting on
the same country.


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> A friend wants to teach a session on bias in the media in her ESL
> class.  She would like to have pairs (one or more on each side) of
> media outlets (or whatever they're called) that have diametrically
> opposed biases/slants/opinions -- television, newspaper, and magazine
> pairs.  Particularly outlets that let bias creep into their
> reporting, as opposed to those that try to keep opinion separated and
> identified.
> For example, Fox News vs. (I think, but I do not watch it) MSNBC.
> Suggestions welcomed.
> Joel
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