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My memory is the same as Alison's. Though I don't have much occasion
to drink Ovaltine, these days - is it still being manufactured, even?
- I actually liked the stuff a lot. I was still drinking it into my
mid-twenties, at the least.

I also agree with Bill, WRT Penny and Sky King. That show introduced
me to the term, "blue norther," which, I surmise, was a sudden,
unexpected snowstorm borne on north winds. Not in Wikipedia as a
weather phenomenon, but is so noted in DARE and on Google. In my part
of Texas, there was usually snow in the winter, but not enough to be
of any interest to anyone. An inch or two, perhaps. Winters were
usually relatively cold - the local record was nine below - and very

I don't recall any "Tut". Perhaps he was introduced on the TV show, of
whose existence I was completely unaware, till I read James's post.


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>>> Didn't Captain Midnight or some other radio-&-funnybook hero of my
>>> youth have a comic-relief sidekick named "Icky"?
>> Captain Midnight had two sidekicks, Ichabod "Icky" Mudd and
>> Aristotle "Tut" Jones. Â Icky was the comic sidekick who followed the
>> Captain around on his adventures, and was also the copilot when the
>> Captain flew his private jet. Â Tut ran the laboratory at the
>> Captain's secret headquarters---like Abigail on NCIS, but nowhere
>> near as good a character.
>> As far as I know, Captain Midnight existed only as a TV show. Â For
>> some reason it appeared in some markets not as "Captain Midnight"
>> but as "Jet Jackson". Â This is the show that introduced the secret
>> decoder ring, which I saw a few days ago appear on an NCIS rerun.
>> (Re NCIS---any show that has David McCallum in it is worth watching.)
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> Captain Midnight was a radio program (15 minutes every week night, as
> part of an hour of children's programs)back in the '40s. Â The decoder
> badge was introduced  then as well as a ring with a compartment with a
> sliding top into which one could stuff a folded up bit of paper with a
> (secret) message. Â The tops were embossed with the insignia of the
> various military services. Â I think the badges had insignia on them
> also. I had an Air Force badge and a Marine ring. Â Dutifully consumed
> t he Ovaltine, whhich I bought out of my allowance, though I never
> cared much for it.
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