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"Trilled k"?  You must have an interesting vocal tract.


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> I watched some of the movie, “The Passion of Christ”.  The language spoken in the film is the native language of Jesus.  It’s Aramaic.  The Aramaic ~Airummaeyic languages are considered to be endangered.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aramaic_language
> In the movie, the name of Jesus in Aramaic is ~Yeshuewu.  That’s the name his mom and dad and everyone called him.  Sometimes I heard that name spoken in the movie spoken as  ~Yaashuewu and  ~Yaeshuewu, but I assume ~Yeshuewu is it.
> Of interest are the actual words as Jesus spoke them:
> (For a truespel pronunciation key see  http://tinypaste.com/764f4
> (note: There are two sounds not in English.  The trilled r, expressed as ~q and trilled k, expressed as ~x.  According to the language samples in truespel book one, these are the two most frequent non-English sounds.)
> I am he   ~Aanu hie
> Judas   ~Yoedu
> You betray the son of man with a kiss.  ~~Aappat nipaaqid naash kinsshaak.~~
> Those who live by the sword shall die by the sword.  ~~Kue di yaa hexlaa kruvvaa bekruvvaa gae buet effeeblae.~~
> I say to you before the clock crows, three times you will deny me.  ~~Animair aanalliek
> Peetggaan kaan eellaak tqaak tinee uef tikkaakaa thhuenee thhilee thhuethhin~~
> My kingdom is not of this world.  ~~Raegnum mae’um naan est doe’oe moondoe.~~ (This looks like Latin – as Jesus was speaking to the Roman governor, Pilot).
> My heart is ready father.  My heart is ready.  ~~Evueveehue kut ibu, evueveehue kut.
> (I got as far as the whipping scene and then had to quit.  Too graphic)
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