"some many"?

Herb Stahlke hfwstahlke at GMAIL.COM
Thu Jun 11 12:04:20 UTC 2009

I wonder if "some many" might be an eggcorn of "so many."  I get
1,910,000 raw googits, some many of which look good:

Who Knew Some Many Were Seers? by Bryan. All over people have been
saying that if Dr. Tiller were killed by a Muslim, the crime would
have been called ...

Why do some many people ask dumb questions about black people but ...
Why on here, if you want a good answer why not sto…

Science question: Why do some many people think of science vs the
Bible instead of science as a way to enjoy God's creation? Religion by
definition requires ...

reviews. Please log in to review this album. some many second chances.
author: bob Sala. I love it, I'm playing it on my show right now. Just
got it today, ...


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> ..."Fortunately though=2C Microsoft recognizes that some many people prefer=
>  the old and therefore=2C you can re-enable the Quick Launch toolbar..."=20
> I haven't seen "some many" before.  I wonder if it works backwards:  "many =
> some people prefer it..."
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