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Sat Jun 13 18:18:06 UTC 2009

The clip is from an "immigrant" poem _English con salsa_ by Gina Valdés,
which starts out "Welcome to ESL100, English surely Latinized...".
Another line, "In four months you'll be speaking like George Washington,
in four weeks you can ask, More coffee? In two months you can say, May I
take your order?"

Doug Harris wrote:
> In an article in this morning's LA Times, Cosmologist Wendy
> Freedman was discussing finding a certain kind of star called
> 'Cepheids'. She said:
> "Early on, it was thought that we could never find Cepheids there.
> They jumped out like fish."
> --
> That interesting phrase led me to google, where one of "about
> 529" hits for 'jump like fish' provided an interesting contextual
> use of that phrase on the site
> -- subheaded "English Surely Latinized:
> "We will sprinkle holy water on pronouns, make the
> sign of the cross on past participles, _jump like fish_
> from Lake Pátzcuaro on gerunds, pour tequila from
> Jalisco on future perfects, say shoes and shit, grab a
> cool verb and a pollo loco and dance on the walls like
> chapulines."
> --
> Now call me crazy, but I'd hardly like anticipating, never mind
> considering perfect, a future with tequila poured all over it --
> 'specially if I'd been assigned 'shoes and shit' for some reason.
> Still...
> different folks like different strokes.
> dh
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