Jesse S. et al. v. Antonin S. et al. on fleeting expletives

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Mon May 4 13:58:34 UTC 2009

On May 4, 2009, at 6:30 AM, Larry Horn wrote:

> ...Yesterday's Times also contained some responses
> to an earlier piece on their policy of not deigning to designate
> individuals (including heads of state) by the individual's preferred
> term of designation if it conflicts with Official N. Y. Times Style,
> a practice that goes back to when they used to write e.g. "Miss
> Jones/Mrs. Smith, who prefers to be known as Ms.,..."  All part of
> Gray Lady Knows Best.

this Language Log posting on periods in abbreviations focuses on the
NYT, and includes a passage on the paper's disregarding institutions'
own practices in the matter:

AZ, 10/30/08: Periods:


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