Jesse S. et al. v. Antonin S. et al. on fleeting expletives

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Freedman also pens this whopper, "As much as one sympathizes with language
prescriptivism in general [...], censorship is necessarily a descriptivist

He means that the censorship standards change as the language evolves, but
that's not what he says. If the editors could influence him (an op-ed
writer) to evade an initialism, one would think they would have flagged this
as nonsensical.

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I am amused that Adam Freedman writes "That the justices managed to
do this without actually uttering either of the words at issue ..."
-- but manages himself to evade even an initialism by writing "Jesse
Sheidlower, editor at large of the Oxford English Dictionary and the
author of a book on swearing ..."!


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